Our goal is to provide electric vehicle charging stations service in Poland. The main activities we offer are: commissioning of charging station, charging station maintanence, charging station repairing, charging staion upgrading, technical rewiev of charging station.

EV Charge Partner is rapidly developing company, coming from Swedish market. Our group operates in Scandinavian area (Sweden, Norway mostly) and the centre of Europe (Poland, Germany mostly). Know-how EV Charge Partner Polska sp. z o.o. is based on EV Charge Partner Sweden AB’s knowledge and experience,  which has been operating in vehicle charging stations service since 2012 yr.

We are mostly focused on offering car charging stations service, due to it we are high professional company in this area.

Garo’s and Efacec’s Certificated Service Partner

We are ready to guarantee immediate service, independly from the location of the chargers – even in 48h.

We carry out service with our specialized personnel and using our Service partners located in main cities in Poland.

Currently we maintain ca. 50 pcs. of charging stations located around all Poland territory.


Our clients are both, individual clients and companies. We also provide service to the energy companies. 

We cooperate with devices producers, charging stations operators and companies which provide charging services.

We are member of Polish Alternative Fuels Association.

Following companies also have trusted us:

about our offer

Installing and launching

We deliver car charging stations at the place, carry out mechanical installations and plug charging stations in to the electrical grids.

We perform our work according to technical standards and valid law. Launching the charging statios is performed according to producer's guidelines. We alwas perform charging functional tests, using special tools and electric vehicle.

These actions are registered in our service managment system and appropriate (producer's) commission protocole

Upgrading and configuration

We can upgrade existing charging stations because it is often more cost-effective to upgrade hardware or software than installing new chargers.

In this area we provide: installation of RFID readers, energy meters, 3G modems to connect the operators backend system, changing plugs or sockets.

If you need to link up charger to the backend system, to configurate any settings, to eliminate any bugs in the backend's settings we are at your service.


In order to avoid unnecessary charging stations malfunctions, it is important to perform maintainance work (once a year at least). In addition, charger's producers require that it has to be done to ensure their warranty commitments.

As a Certified service partner of the major charger stations producers (Garo, Efacec), we ensure that our work will not exclude the warranty conditons and it is acceptable by these producers.

​ We use knowledge gained during trainings at producers' premises which we constantly take part in and during long-term practice work.


Charging stations repairing

We perform troubleshooting remotely at first (if on-line charger's access has been shared with us). However, most often repairs are carried out on-site.

We offer CRS service (Charger Replacement Service), which means, if there is no possibility to repair charger on-site, we provide replacement device, while the broken charger is being repared at our workhouse.

Administration service

We help our customers adjust chargers to applicable law regulations.

In this arrea we carry out whole chargers documentation, required by law on behalf of customer.

Described service is provided only according to the Polish law.

EV Charger Assistance

EV Charger Assistance includes annual maintenance which should be executed within the warranty period that is conditioned by the charger’s producers.

According to Assistance conditions we are obligated to provide fee-free support in specific time, depending on type of the agreement – standard reaction time is up to 48h or 96h.

service reaction time
up to 48h

fee-free annual
service work
spare parts

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stations: their types, power, plugs,
destination, etc.

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The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way
to do great work is to love what you do.”

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Correctly completed form will help us to identify the issue and charger location. Filled-out form will let us register any case in our service managment system as well.

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Wysyłając ‘Formularz zgłoszenia awarii’  zgłaszający potwierdza, żądanie weryfikacji Zgłoszenia, które może wiązać się z wizytą naszego technika w miejscu zainstalowania Stacji ładującej. W przypadku zgłoszenia awarii, która nie występuje lub która nie jest spowodowana niesprawnością Stacji ładującej (zgodnie z warunkami gwarancji urządzenia), Zgłaszający zostanie obciążony Pełnymi kosztami serwisu (kosztami dojazdu oraz prac diagnostycznych).W celu uniknięcia wyżej opisanej sytuacji, przed przybyciem naszego technika na miejsce, zalecamy wykonanie następujących czynności: –  wykonanie restartu Stacji ładującej poprzez odłączenie jej od zasilania, czy to poprzez Wyłącznik główny w jej wnętrzu, czy poprzez zabezpieczenia elektryczne znajdujące się w rozdzielni/tablicy elektrycznej, do której została przyłączona; – sprawdzenie elektrycznej aparatury zabezpieczającej we wnętrzu Stacji ładującej:; – sprawdzenie linii zasilającej Stacje ładującą i jej zabezpieczeń elektrycznych; -sprawdzenie poprawności podłączenia pojazdu do Stacji ładującej

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